Glamox ex led

Zone Explosion proof lights. Technical lights outdoor. Ex de LED arealights are applicable for zoneand areas. Die Leuchte besteht aus recycelfähigem Polycarbonat, mit Wannenverschlüssen aus Edelstahl.

Zum Lösen der Wanne wird Werkzeug benötigt. Replacement TXLED can be used as a direct replacement for the Tfluorescent . Schließen Auswahl zurücksetzen. IK-Schutzart ( Stoßfestigkeitsgrad). IK03IK04IK05IK06IKIK08IK09IK10. Classified II 2GD Ex -deIICT and II 2GD °C Db for dust.

The luminaire is ideally . Ballast type IC driver technology. Cable entry 2xM25-Nickel plated brass. Glamox have designed a LED system without using a conventional LED driver. Light fixtures for EX Hazardous Areas.

Certification being ATEX, Ex II 2G Exde IIC TGb. Seawater resistant aluminium anodized module housing for exellent cooling. Stainless steel frame and mounting bracket.

They are designed to meet maritime requirements and to save energie and maintanance cost due to the long lifetime. LEDs are driven by an inrush free integrated circuit driver. CE d-mark IECEx LED emergency ikEX mounting_ld_surface_celing-mounting_ld_surface_wall-2. MAX LED ist eine hochwertige LED -Leuchte (Kategorie 2) mit einer langen Lebensdauer. Ex d floodlights for high pressure sodium lamps or metal halide lamps are applicable for zone areas.

You can choose between different high quality explosion proof navigation lights which are all very safety. Depending on model, they are . Geeignet für industrielle. LED Ex m Obstacle light red 10cd. It included the state of the art LED technology and it is equipped with a polycarbonate lens. Equipped with a heat management system, our LED helideck lighting products operate within their safe temperature range, and achieve a long lifetime of 100.

Watt, 1Lumen pro Watt, . Mounting frame and bracket are made of stainless steel. LED gives instant light and the floodlight is immune against voltage drops.