Polycarbonate film

Our focus on thin gauge plastic films ensures a level of expertise in converting and technical product support unmatched in the industry. Easily molde die cut, printed on. Zu ihren besonderen Stärken zählen die hohe Wärmeformbeständigkeit, die ü. Brand names may include LEXAN, Makrolon, Tuffak, and Rowland.

All are manufactured in the USA using USA manufactured resins.

It is easy to die-cut and has excellent ink adhesion which makes . Polycarbonate film can be easily thermoformed and molded. We produce custom polycarbonate films for our customers. We are very responsive polycarbonate film suppliers.

This impact resistant, clear polycarbonate film with one side matt, one side velvet embossed is used for printing, advertising, poster overlays, automotive instrument panels and labels, just to name a few applications. The velvet texture helps to hide scratches and minimise glare in harsh lighting conditions. Common Brand Names: Lexan, Makrofol, Makrolon. It has reasonably good temperature resistance, good dimensional .

It also offers high temperature resistance and superb workability for secondary processes such as die-cutting, embossing and thermoforming. Sheet which has a hollow structure with integral molding through special techniques. It received the Good Design Award because of its unique design, and attracted attention in a wide variety of applications such as architecture and store interiors, etc. It has abundant variations of function, colors and . There are a general grade, and high functional grade in which flame retardancy, etc. Also find here related product comparison.

A range of grades are available from PAR. Insulating polycarbonate film. This material is a very thin polycarbonate film. It possesses high dielectric strength and retains its good thermal and mechanical properties at a wide range of temperatures. In the MR series, surface hardness of polycarbonate sheet is improve and higher scratch resistance is achieved.

With its basic characteristics as an polycarbonate sheet , combined with the surface hardness very close to that of general glass, MR series is widely adopted in such applications as printed plates and various . Unlike most thermoplastics, polycarbonate can undergo large plastic deformations without cracking or breaking. As a result, it can be processed and formed at room temperature using sheet metal techniques, such as bending on a brake. Even for sharp angle bends with a tight radius, heating may not be necessary. Upper working temperature ‎: ‎115–1°C.

Heat deflection temperature ‎: ‎0.

Lower working temperature ‎: ‎−°C (−°F) Linear thermal expansion coefficient (α) ‎: ‎65–70. The films are high impact resisting, heat-resistant up to ca. C and cold-resistant up to ca. C, insulating, transparent and have different surfaces.

Nanosize Au–TiOis becoming popular to photocatalytic application in visible light. A new fabrication process of photocatalyst is introduced for the purpose of its potential utilization under sunlight. A mixture of photocatalyst and polycarbonate (PC) was cast on a glass substrate to form a film.