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Stetig bemüht um Verbesserungen, bei dem der Benutzer dieser hochwertigen Prüfgeräte mit einbezogen wir hat sich IML als Marktführer etabliert. Die Prüfergebnisse sind nachvollziehbar und können juristisch verwertet werden. Wichtig für uns TÜVler ist jedoch, dass wir uns auf die Zuverlässigkeit der . IML Resistograph – IML, Inc. Mechanical drilling instrument for basic applications. The instrument is cordless and therefore ideal for difficult operating conditions.

The measurement profile is recorded . The advantages of the Resistograph are quite obvious: The wood will only be insignificantly injure and the drilling hole closes itself, due to a special drilling angle that was customized for the drill bit. MarketsLive IML – How to Use the Swipe Trade App (COPY AND PASTE!) – Duration: 6:57. With a digital wood inspection drill the measurements are easy to capture, display and analyze.

Anmeldung erfolgt an der Pforte. Der Verkauf gebrauchter Elektro- und Elektronikgeräte im Sinne der Anlage zu § Abs. ElektroG erfolgt ausschließlich an inländische Abnehmer mit deutscher . UPGRADES: IML have been producing microdrills for over years and consequently there are a number of older models in use – particularly the F- series – which can be upgraded to improve their performance.

The Resi-F devices used to be known as Resistographs so if your device has the Resistograph logo it will be an . Application areas Tree care and inspection to maintain safe parks, roadways and forests Check the stability of utility poles Diagnose decay. The IML -RESI F-Series of wood testing drills measures the quality of the internal state of the wood by recording the drill resistance of the needle penetrating the core. This data is collected and printed on a wax paper strip for quick and easy identification of weak or rotten spots in the wood.

The F-Series are cordless . Schär: Resistograph and X-ray density charts of wood comparative evaluation of drill resistance profiles and X-ray density charts of different wood species. Electronics are protected in waterproof housing. Integrated 45° adapter for individual application on trees. The information contained in the present manual instruction has been prepared most thoroughly. Errors or mistakes can, however, not be excluded.

IML – Instrumenta Mechanik Labor System GmbH will not assume any legal responsibility nor any liability for the consequences of such errors or mistakes. Online-Shopping mit großer Auswahl im Bücher Shop. Resource for Resistograph , IML -Resi, Pole Inspection, Pole Testing, Tree Decay Detection, Wood Decay Detection Systems. The resistograph is an instrument that detects decay and cavities in trees and timber.

Through resistograph technology, an arborist is able to detect wood decay, . The evaluation of decayed wood in a tree trunk is essential for hazard tree assessment in arboriculture. In this study, an IML – Resistograph was highly successful as a field instrument in its ability to locate and predict the presence of decay in the trunk wood of eucalypts.